A bag is a woman’s secret weapon. A ladies handbag expresses a girls personality, is supposed to fit in an everything, from your makeup to your wallet, keys, charger, laptop etc. We at Sivya By HOME, armed with this knowledge we set forth to develop the best handbag for Woman. Made by Women, for Women. Our Handbags come with various pockets, to keep everything organized, are lightweight in nature, so that you don’t get that shoulder or back pain, are eco friendly and come in bright, pop, happy colours with positive, happy messages which embrace your personality. Choose from a wide range of prints, shapes and sizes to find your perfect match.

Our bags are multipurpose in nature, it transforms from office to gym bags, grocery bags and also your perfect companion for travel.

They are made from durable, long-lasting fabrics, are machine washable and the print won't fade after washes.

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